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TOMOGRAPHY, March 2016, Volume 2, Issue 1: 1-2
DOI: 10.18383/j.tom.2016.00124

Demonstration of an Inline Publication Image Viewer: The Future of Radiological Publishing

Brian D. Ross

Department of Radiology, University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Publications containing multidimensional image content have traditionally been confined to present information in a static 2-dimensional format. Inclusion of videos within a publication provides enhanced opportunities to present multidimensional image views rather than relying on static images to communicate findings. However, a significant advance is presented, in which an image viewer can be integrated into a digital publication format, allowing for user-manipulated and interactive multidimensional viewing of published image data directly inline with the manuscript. This technological advancement allows for user manipulation and interrogation of multidimensional published image data directly within the scientific article. This capability opens up many new and exciting opportunities for publishing in the field of radiological sciences and beyond.

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