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A unique imaging journal publishing peer-reviewed articles spanning all aspects of imaging science research spanning basic research to clinical trials. Tomography publishes studies involving development and evaluation of novel imaging probes including optical, nuclear, ultrasound, MR-contrast and hyperpolarized agents along with image-based feedback of interventions. Advances in hardware, software, imaging informatics and chemical and molecular probe advances are also welcome.

Tomography is a unique publication venue allowing investigators to communicate integrated findings related to heterogeneous features associated with anatomical, physiological, functional, metabolic and molecular genetic activities of normal and diseased tissue. Tomography will publish papers involving analysis of simultaneous multidimensional information in the form of content, space and time to allow for multivariate computational data extraction of features for identification of pathologic tissue phenotypes to advance imaging applications in basic science and clinical care.

Available in print and digital formats to provide opportunities for authors to embed movies and animations within their papers to more fully communicate the significance of their findings. Radiology resides in a multidimensional world and Tomography uniquely offers scientists and clinicians an opportunity to break out of traditional 2-dimensional journal formats to fully communicate significant advances.

Current Issue:

Tomography - A Journal for Imaging Research

Volume 6, Issue 3, Sept 2020